Hamas stänger sin gräns eftersom Israel har eliminerat en terrorist.

Hamas, lika smart som alltid, stänger passagen för människor och fisk. Kommer Wallström nu omedelbart att ta båten dit med våra pensionärers pensioner?


Hamas closes Gaza, forbids fishing

Hamas shuts Gaza crossing, blames Israel for official’s assassination.

The Erez crossing

Photo: Yonatan Zindel, Flash 90
Hamas closed the crossing between Gaza and Israel on Sunday after blaming Israel for the assassination of one of its lead terrorists and officials. In addition, Hamas forbade fishing in the waters near Gaza.
A statement from the Interior Ministry in Gaza, run by Islamist movement Hamas, said it was shutting the Erez crossing for an indefinite period as it investigates the murder of terrorist Mazen Faqha, 38, in Gaza on Friday.
Israeli security forces on Sunday went on high alert expecting an escalation in terror after Hamas leaders blamed Israeli intelligence agency Mossad for the shooting, which occurred near Faqha’s Gaza home.
Security forces are always patrolling the area around the Gaza fence, but were now instructed to be on alert, add additional soldiers, change the patrol route, and more.
Israel has not commented on the shooting.
Faqha was responsible for cells of Hamas’s “military” wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, in Judea and Samaria.
He was later sentenced to nine life terms for organizing suicide attacks that killed hundreds of Israelis during the Second Intifada between 2000 and 2005.
Faqha was released in 2011 along with more than 1,000 other terrorists in exchange for Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier Hamas had detained for five years, and transferred to Gaza.
Israel did not immediately comment in detail on Sunday’s closure but said its side of the crossing remained open.

The Erez crossing is the only one between Gaza and Israel for people. Another crossing with Israel, Kerem Shalom, is used for goods.Contact Editor

AFP, Arutz Sheva Staff, 26/03/17 13:09

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MERS-virus eller kärlek eller vaddå?

Jag fick syn på en gammal artikel, vet inte varför mitt öga fångades in.

Hmmm, scientists may have discovered a link between camels and the deadly Middle East MERS virus

Since the virus was first identified last September, there have been 94 cases, including 46 deaths, from MERS, or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, mostly in Saudi Arabia. Aside from several clusters where the virus has likely spread between people, experts are stumped as to how patients got infected.


Washington Post In a preliminary study published on Friday, European scientists found traces of antibodies against the MERS virus in dromedary, or one-humped, camels, but not the virus itself. Finding antibodies means the camels were at one point infected with MERS or a similar virus before fighting off the infection.

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Friedman varmt välkomnad som Trumps ambassadör till Israel.

Netanyahu Welcomes ‘Close Friend of Israel’ as US Ambassador

trots att diverse vänsternötter fasar över att en Israelvän ska bli ambassadör i Israel.  Fick Margot blodstörtning?


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Israels genuint LAGLIGA rätt att skjuta ner vapenlevranser till Hizbollah i Syrien.

Are Israeli raids on Syrian targets legal?

Facing an increasingly dangerous Hezbollah, Jerusalem correctly understands that even a failed state has legal obligations not to assist in terrorist assaults against Israel.

Prof. Louis René Beres, 24/03/17 11:46

Syria, a country in the midst of chaos, has launched multiple aggressions against neighboring Israel. In recent years, most of these assaults have assumed the form of heavy weapons transfers to Hezbollah, a Shiite terror group with not only genocidal views about the Jewish State but also correspondingly destructive military capacities. Moreover, the de facto army of Hezbollah – a fanatical adversary sponsored by non-Arab Iran – has become even more threatening to Israel than the regular armies of its traditional Arab state enemies.

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Israel stoppade Nordkoreanska vapen till Hizbollah..

Enligt arabiska nyhetskällor var det en vänlig gåva från Nordkorea för att mörda judar, som stoppades av Netanyahu.

Report: Israel attacked in order to prevent North Korean weapons convoy to Hezbollah

The day after the IDF attacked within Syrian territory, an Arab news website reported that Israel conducted the airstrike in order to prevent sophisticated North Korean missile convoy from reaching Hezbollah. Jordanian sources stated that this was the attack target that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke about.

Mar 18, 2017, 4:00PMJudith Abramson
image descriptionTarget: North Korean missiles Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News
This morning (Saturday), Arab media outlets reported that Israel conducted yesterday’s airstrike in Syria in order to prevent North Korean missiles from reaching Hezbollah. As reported yesterday by JOL, an anti-aircraft missile was shot at Israel in response to the airstrike, which was intercepted by the IDF’s Arrow System.
According to a report on the Arab news website Rai al-Youm, political groups and reliable Jordanian sources believe that there is a connection between recent Israeli military and intelligence operations along Israel’s borders with Syria and Lebanon and between leaked information claiming that Hezbollah has obtained extremely technologically advanced missiles from North Korea.
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Press, Amnesty, Iran och rebellerna väldigt överens angående Jemen.

Sveriges synvinkel, konstant för Iran och mot Saudiarabien. Ingen är emot terrorstaten Irans vapenleveranser till huthirebellerna. Jämför den svenska ensidiga artikeln med de följande och säg vad du anser om TT:s neutralitet. Jämför


USA och Storbritannien beskylls för hyckleri

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Israeliska arabiska och judiska stjärnor hjälper hungrande i Somalia.

Röda Korset varnar för massvält – gör Sverige nåt? Inte lika viktigt att rapportera.

Arab Israeli Facebook star teams up with Ben Stiller to feed Somalia

TEL AVIV (JTA) — Arab Israeli Facebook star Nuseir Yassin wants you to help him “steal a plane.” It’s for a good cause.

In a video Thursday, he laid out a plan to get Turkish Airlines to fly food to Somalia, where over 6 million people need are at risk of starvation. Joined by Ben Stiller and a social media dream team, he urged his more than 600,000 followers to promote the hashtag #TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia.
“We’re going to steal a plane — all of us, the people of the internet,” he said. “To get the airline’s attention, we’re using a hashtag like this one.”
The roughly one-minute video was the 341st Yassin has posted to his Nas Daily Facebook page in as many days. Within several hours, it had been shared well over 100,000 times.
A Harvard University graduate from the town of Arraba in Israel’s Lower Galilee, Yassin last year quit his well-paying job as a computer engineer at PayPal in New York to start making the videos, which he films and uploads from around the world. The motivation was simple, he explained in video No. 339: “Look, I’m just a 25-year-old hairy kid who wants to live the best possible life and put it on Facebook in one-minute videos. That’s it.”
In his videos, Yassin wears a grey T-shirt emblazoned with a gauge that is 32 percent full, explaining that he has already used up that fraction of his life.


Yassin signed onto the Somalia campaign at the invitation of French Snapchat sensation Jerome Jarre, who got things started Wednesday with a video railing against the “revolting” silence of the “mainstream media.” Jarre also recruited Stiller, Mexican YouTube celebrity Juanpa Zurita and British Instragram influencer Chaka Clarke. Stiller’s video urging action won Twitter support — along with a friendly insult. 

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