Hur israelerna lär sig att försvara sig mot köksknivar.

Här kan du se en video hur israeliska säkerhetsmän tränar för att avliva attackerande araber med kniven i högsta hugg. Israelerna får ingalunda några pengar från Löfvén för att försvara sig.

Watch: Border Police train for stabbing attacks

Police platoon commander trainees learn from videos of ongoing attacks and practice various scenarios. [För att se videon, klicka länken.]

By Gil Ronen
First Publish: 10/29/2015, 10:58 PM

Border Police Platoon Commander Course trainees are being taught how to deal with Arab knife attacks as the Arab campaign of terror continues.

Video from Channel 2 shows the trainees practicing various scenarios and learning from mistakes made in previous attacks, some of which were documented on video.

The trainer teaches the trainees that Arab attackers aim for the neck because they know that policemen wear bulletproof vests.

One scenario practiced involves a food vendor who suddenly attacks police. A similar situation occurred earlier this week, when an Arab terrorist tried to stab a security guard at the Jalame checkpoint, near Jenin, before being shot and killed. The 16-year-old terrorist was able to approach the guard by pretending to sell snacks called Krembo, which are made of a creamy filling coated with chocolate.

Border Police train for stabbing attacks

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