Löfvén småmyser.

http://www.palwatch.org/main.aspx?fi=157&doc_id=16124 får Löfvén att småmysa över uppfinningsrikedomen hos hans

systerfolk. Kolla länken så förstår du Löfvén.

Congress Looks to Cut U.S. Aid to Palestinians Amid Terror Campaign

Resolution would cut $5 billion in aid as a result of violence
October 16, 2015 4:00 pm
Momentum is building on Capitol Hill for a new congressional resolution that would cut more than $5 billion in U.S. aid to the Palestinians as a result of an increase in violence that has claimed the lives of at least eight Israelis and wounded many more, according to a copy of the measure viewed by the Free Beacon.
The bill comes amid criticism from lawmakers about the Obama administration’s response to the terrorism and efforts to blame Israel for the violence.
Så Obama ger sej aldrig, han står på terrorns sida. Allt fler vågar se det i USA. Både palestinsk och Iransk terror.

American Tax Dollars
Funding Jihad Against Israel and Paying Terrorists

“Our tax dollars should never be blood money for terror.”

Abbas skrattar åt att USA försöker minska bidragen trots Obama, och de vet att EU alltid fyller på ändå länk. Speciellt vissa inom EU.

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