Europeiska röster FÖR Israel, inte helt förstörda av vänstern.

EU håller på att gå åt skogen med sin vänsterarmada i toppen, som jag skrev om just.

Här två artiklar om europeiska icke-vänsterfanatiker, en vänster som tyvärr Sveriges politiker och massmedia är helt indränkta av.

Läs artiklarna, jag kopierade bara några småbitar, det är långt ifrån bara SD som föredrar demokrati framför terror och kaos, även om alla övriga partier i Sverige har frångått demokrati liksom massmedia, där plötsligt nästan alla kommentarsmöjligheter försvann. I EU finns fortfarande stora grupper som ints skäms för demokrati lika mycket som Löfvén och Wallström.

Europe a lost cause for Israel? Not so fast

Instead of giving up on Europe, it’s time Israel changed its strategy and reached out to potential supporters right under its nose.


The Summit brought together dozens of conservative politicians and experts from the United States, Europe, Israel and India, for what was more than a simple show of solidarity with Israel at a difficult time. As its key organizertold Arutz Sheva last week, the Summit’s purpose was twofold: highlighting and cementing Israel’s common cause and shared values with other democracies, while simultaneously charting a common strategy for dealing with mutual threats.

Among the panelists who took part in the two-day event was a sizable contingent of ardent supporters of Israel from an unlikely source: the European Parliament.

Each of the European Parliament Members (MEPs) I spoke to stressed that while the EU may currently be dominated by anti-Israel voices, a strong and outspoken group of primarily conservative MEPs were standing up for the Jewish state – and they represent no small number of European citizens whose support Israel can and should enlist to mount a fightback.
in fact, unsurprisingly, he said he saw it as a largely useless, cumbersome entity, chronically incapable of grappling with any important issues. “Europe seems incapable of getting to grips with the big problems… Europe just doesn’t deliver.

Israel needs to radically alter the way it makes its case in Europe, he insisted. Rather than focusing primarily on top-down diplomacy, engaging with legislators and other senior officials, Israel should direct far more of its resources into making its case in the media and reaching out to the grassroots European public, a significant portion of whom would be receptive to its message if only they had access to it.

“I fear a moral collapse of the European population, because they don’t know their past, they don’t believe in anything except individualism and hedonism – they don’t have any vision for the future of Europe,” he said.

Striking a more pessimistic tone than his British counterpart, he felt “the short-term future is fairly dark.” Yet he highlighted a “certain awakening from part of the population,” who “see Israel as a light willing to fight for its values,” and with whom Israel should invest its efforts.

“There is still some common sense left in Europe.”

He also noted approvingly that, unlikely a declining European population, Israel is experiencing significant population growth, not only from aliyah but largely from a much higher-than-average birth-rate among developed countries.

Another source of hope for Israel in Europe – one which is often overlooked – is the Eastern bloc, where the picture is far more positive. Many American and Israeli observers are ignorant of the immense cultural divides between Eastern and Western Europe, but that divide, by-and-large, extends to the view of Israel as well, with Eastern European states mostly being strongly supportive.

One of the most glaring examples of Eastern European support for Israel is the Czech Republic, where support for the Jewish state stretches back to its earliest days, when underground Jewish fighters and later the nascent Israel Defense Forces purchased much of their weaponry from what was then Czechoslovakia.

Watch: European Parliamentarians slam boycott in Samaria

In EU delegation to Samaria, UK legislator speaks out for Jewish housing need, joins Czech MEP condemning ‘foolish’ boycott.

Members of the European Parliament took part in a tour of the Biblical heartland of Samaria on Wednesday, to take a look at the facts on the ground ahead of an imminent discriminatory EU move to label Jewish products from the region and Judea.

One parliament member who took part in the tour was Roger Helmer of the UK, who is Head of Delegation for the UKIP party. He spoke about the legitimate need for Jewish housing in the region in the face of European condemnation.

Helmer also spoke about the negative effects of the BDS boycott targeting the region, noting that those most affected would be the thousands of Palestinian Arabs employed at Jewish factories.

Netanyahus makabra vägran att acceptera internationell lag till Israels fördel nämndes också.

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