Israel mer intresserad av vänskap med Gulfstater än med sura antisemitiska Sverige.

Shuk ha-Carmel i Tel Aviv, där jag varit många gånger.
Carmel, Tel Aviv

Man hör ibland vänligare röster från några Gulfstater än från rent antisemitiska Sverige, som Kuwait, Abu Dhabi och Saudiarabien. Har väl Israel ett kontor i en Gulfstat kan det missbrukas till det ena och det andra utan formella regler. Det är ju i arabvärlden och har du sett bilder på röriga sukar där inser du att ingen kan kontrollera detaljer där, inte ens EU.

Så den nya Mossadchefen ska ha som en huvuduppgift att hålla kontakterna mellan länder utan officiella diplomatiska kontakter och Israel. Knappast Sverige, här finns inget av intresse. Inte ett dugg. Inga intressanta hemligheter.


Frontlines: Israel’s covert diplomacy

12/11/2015 18:03

Netanyahu says one of the new Mossad head’s primary tasks will be cultivating ties with countries with whom Israel has no diplomatic relations.
Incoming Mossad director Yossi Cohen. (photo credit:MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)

The prime minister talks about it in veiled hints. Diplomats discuss it in hushed tones.

Commentators speak of it without knowing many details.

Israel’s ties with the non-radicalized Sunni countries: Are they Israel’s secret ace in the hole, or a good example of “Isra-bluff,” more smoke and mirrors than substance? Two recent announcements have brought this issue somewhat in from the cold.

The first was the announcement last month that Israel would open a mission in Abu Dhabi to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) there. And the second was Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s announcement this week that his current national security adviser, Yossi Cohen , will in January take over as the 12th head of the Mossad.

Both events pull the curtain up – if just a little – on the status and importance of the secret side of the country’s diplomacy.

Although both Israel and United Arab Emirates took pains to stress that the opening of an Israeli office in Abu Dhabi accredited to IRENA does not signal an upgrade in Israel ties with the UAE, that the Israeli flag will be flying in an office in that Persian Gulf country is not an insignificant occurrence…..

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