Det vänsterextremistiska gänget “Breaking the Silence” kallas lögnare av många.

Det extremvänstra Israeliska gänget, massivt betalt av EU,  “Breaking the Silence”, får på huden av andra soldater som var med.  Vi vet hur poppis lögnargänget är i Sverige för at det stärker antisemitismen hos massmedia och andra.
Jag skrev senast om otyget på länk. Se flera länkar där.

Nedanstående två från EU-betalda lögnargnget

IDF Reservists Call Comrade From Breaking the Silence ‘a Liar’

A group of Israel Defense Forces reservists who served in the army with Avner Gvaryahu, a leading member of whistle-blowing group Breaking the Silence, released a video in which they “tell the truth” about what really went on in their unit, the Israeli news website 0404 reported on Wednesday, and posted the clip on its Facebook page.
“I was there every night during the period he [Gvaryahu] talks about,” says one former member of Gvaryahu’s staff, at the opening of the video. Nothing happened “the way he describes,” he said.
Another former soldier bemoans the harm done to Israel when Gvaryahu goes around the world recounting stories about the IDF, without giving the full picture of what the soldiers are up against, and how they often “endanger their lives” precisely in the sincere effort to prevent harming innocent people.
A third says that even the argument about how “moral” the Israeli army is — or is not — should take place at home, not abroad.
A fourth says that Gvaryahu’s stories are false, and this causes him to question the rest of the “evidence” provided by Breaking the Silence.

Disrupt ‘Breaking the Silence’ – get a pizza pie!

Following yesterday’s arrival of “Breaking The Silence” at Tel Hai College, located near the city of Kiryat Shmonah, one enterprising pizzeria owner from the town promised a free pizza to anyone who interfered with the extremist left wing organization.
Eran Bitton posted on the internet that he would give a free pizza to any student who photographs or films himself interrupting or interfering with Breaking the Silence’s lecture at the college. “Call me and the pizza is on the way,” wrote Bitton.
In an interview with Channel 20, Bitton said “the college did not notify anyone that the organization was coming to give a lecture. They did it quietly, and underhandedly. That is what really upset us. I was furious, so I said that anyone who goes and interferes will get a free pizza.”
Bitton reported that there was a lot of interests generated and that a demonstration involving 300-400 people was held outside the college to protest the lecture.
People called Bitton to tell him that they were going to protest, but that they didn’t want the pizza. They were going to protest for the betterment of the country and to remove these people from their town and college.

NGO monitor has articles:

NGO Monitor slams joint NGO, Breaking the Silence activity

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