Abbas fick allt, skrek NEJ

Den amerikanska vicepresidenten Bidén är i Mellanöstern, bl.a. i Israel bland massmorden utförda av muslimska terrorister. Sedan åkte han till Abbas i Ramallah och erbjöd honom halva judarnas huvudstad och stopp på det Arafat fick Nobelpris för, att Israel har full kontroll över area C.  Svaret som alltid NEJ. Historien förtäljer inte om Bidén omedelbart räckte över en miljard dollars som tack.

Report: Abbas rejected new “peace plan

Herzog presents ‘separation plan’ to Biden


Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas reportedly rejected a new peace plan outlined by visiting US Vice President Joe Biden yesterday, according to Arab media reports.
Abbas and Biden met in the PA leader’s Muqata headquarters in Ramallah on Wednesday, following Biden’s meeting with Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.
According to the Palestinian Al-Quds newspaper, the US Vice President used the opportunity to present Abbas with a fresh initiative, which would have included dividing Jerusalem and a total freeze on Israeli “settlement building” in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem.
In return the PA would be expected to recognize Israel as the Jewish state, and give up its demand for a “right of return” for the descendants of Arabs who left the country during the Israeli War of Independence in 1948.
Abbas, not for the first time, promptly rejected the generous offer.
The the meeting came after Biden leveled strong implicit criticism at the Palestinian Authority and its leadership for failing to condemn the ceaseless wave of deadly terrorist attacks against Israelis.
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