Trump: terroristerna vinner.

Donald Trump On Brussels Attack: ‘The Terrorists Are Totally Winning’

Billionaire and 2016 GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump told Breitbart News on Tuesday in a wide-ranging, exclusive interview that in his estimation, the terrorist attack in Brussels, Belgium, proves terrorists are winning the war against the Western world. The Islamic State, or ISIS, has taken credit for the Brussels attacks.

“The terrorists are totally winning,” Trump said in the interview that lasted more than 30 minutes. “The terrorists are making us look like fools.”

Trump continued by noting that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton—the Democratic presidential frontrunner who Trump is most likely to face in the general election, assuming he can seal the nomination in the next few months—is likely to be significantly negatively impacted by the rise of terror on the world stage.

“The terrorists will cause Hillary Clinton to lose the election,” Trump said. “She’s weak on borders. She’s weak on crime. She’s weak on anything having to do with controversy other than controversy with herself. She’s weak on the police. She’s weak on anything having to do with strength. Hillary is so weak on the borders, and so afraid to talk negatively about protecting our people, that it will end up costing her the election in my opinion.”

Trump said his previous warning, in an interview with Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, that Brussels was in danger is why he’s winning in the presidential election.

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