Turkiets närmande till Iran

Du inser faran med Merkels intima kontakt med Turkiet och alla hennes löften att turkar snart ska få obehindrat översvärma EU. En direkt passage från Tehran alltså. Vem ser skillnad på turk och iranier?

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (L) shakes hands with his Turkish counterpart, Ahmet Davutoglu, during a joint news conference in Istanbul, Jan. 4, 2014. (photo by REUTERS/Murad Sezer)

Is Turkey swaying back toward Iran?

TEHRAN, Iran — The dynamics of the Iran-Turkey relationship are changing. A cursory glance at the Turkish prime minister’s March 4-5 visit to Tehran — including the way he behaved and was treated — gives the impression of a change in tone and intentions. Ahmet Davutoglu headed a major delegation consisting of five ministers and dozens of Turkish companies and businessmen — one of the largest such missions in the past decade. Two weeks later, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif visited Turkey, expressing Tehran’s readiness to enhance economic ties and regional cooperation. The question is whether these visits indicate a turning point in relations between these two important neighbors.

Läs vidare på länken.

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