Bolton supportar Trump.

Bolton är en av de mest kända amerikanerna som ofta har expertuttalanden om internationell politik, ofta på Fox News, den icke-Obamastyrda nyhetskanalen.

En del videos på

Nä, inget om det i Svenska flum-media. Men lyssna noga igenom det. Hur Obongon helt har avlägsnat missilskyddet för USA.

Också hur massor i USA har påtalat att Obama gjort sitt bästa för att förstöra relationerna till USAs gamla vänner.

Trump hints at LEAVING UN, former ambassador agrees with his policies

May 8, 2016 Shelby Carella

John Bolton, a former UN ambassador a man who has his foreign policy chops has come out supporting Donald Trump and his plan to shake things up at the United Nations.

“I think it’s something that demonstrated a very serious effort on his part to address a global picture on foreign policy. I wish the campaign had let him do it six or eight months ago. Frankly, I think it would have been helpful but better late than never is my view. He talked about things that I think shouldn’t need emphasis but do and the most important being the centerpiece of American foreign policy has to be the protection of the United State and its people and its interests around the world.”

He was particularly impressed by how Trump would deal with Russia.

“Start with the analysis he made of Obama’s mishandling of relations with Russia, which I thought was right on target. I think that if you brought the view that he expresses elsewhere in the speech that America should deal from positions of strength toward dealings with Russia, it could make a difference. I think Russia today believes, and Putin personally believes, that he can push Obama around, not to put too fine a point on it. Putin can do, pretty much, what he wants and he’s not going to get push back from the United States.”

An alliance with Russia to destroy ISIS might just be the cure to save the United States on foreign grounds.

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