Varifrån kommer Palestinska Mandaternas Araber?

Jag har tidigare lagt ut artiklar som Relandis reseskildring från 1695 länk. En annan översikt på länk. Här hänvisas till en detaljerad artikel som borde läsas av våra sagoberättande massmedia. En annan artikel i ämnet: länk

Were the Arabs Indigenous to Mandatory Palestine?

by Sheree Roth
Middle East Quarterly
Fall 2016 (view PDF)
William B. Ziff’s little remembered The Rape of Palestine, published in 1938, adds an important first-hand source to these recent studies. None of the modern authors used Ziff as a source, so this is new information to present-day analysts.

his Rape of Palestine was considered by the British Foreign Office “a violent and offensive book,” and for years afterward, the British monitored the Zionist writings and speeches of this “unscrupulous gangster,” fearful that his audiences were “lapping this poison up.”[7]
The thrust of Ziff’s book is on British policy in Palestine during the mandate period, but what is especially interesting today are his comments on the migration of Arabs and the squelching of Jewish immigration by the British. The following extensive quotes show the value of his work. 
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