Jerusalems förstörelse stoppad.

Efter dybbuken i Vita Huset kan den mång­tusen­­åriga judiska huvud­staden Jeru­salem, jordens centrum sedan många hundra år, leva igen. Gå till Googles bildsök och sök efter Ancient Jeru­salem, så ser du många nog. Synd att UNESCO, Abbas och Löfvén inte klarar av att göra sammma sökning.

Se också länk.

Jerusalem Ready To Build, A Lot

Monday, November 21, 2016 |  Israel Today Staf 




The Jerusalem Municipality is set to discuss a new building project in the northern neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo that will see 1,400 new apartments added to the area, which sits on the side of Jerusalem claimed by the Palestinians.
The project is one of the largest single construction plans in recent years, and it has a lot to do with the outcome of the US presidential election.
Until now, building plans in Ramat Shlomo and other “controversial” neighborhoods has been restrained by criticism from Washington. But following Donald Trump’s surprise victory, city officials say it is not only time to build, but to build big.
“Here in Jerusalem, we behave as if Donald Trump had already taken office as president, but no one knows what his policies will be,” warned a member of the municipality’s construction committee in a radio interview.
The Ramat Shlomo plan had been shelved years ago following harsh opposition from the Obama Administration. But now it, and others like it, are unexpectedly back on the agenda.
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