Jordanien försöker bli av med islamister, till skillnad mot Sverige

Jag skulle tro att de ser farorna bättre än EU. Till skillnad mot melonhjärnta EU-toppar har de självbevarelsedriften i behåll. Minns när jag skrev hur Jordanien slängde ut terrorister efter att de hadE tränat i mord hos  iSIS.

Jordanian Regime Tackles Problem Of Extremist Mosque Sermons  (klicka för att läsa vidare)

By: Z. Harel
Jordan has been experiencing a severe shortage of qualified imams and preachers with a formal shari’a education. In March 2015, then-minister of religious endowments Hayel Dawood stated that about half of Jordan’s 6,300 mosques have either no imam or an imam who is unqualified for the position.[1] This shortage has resulted in untrained local imams and preachers delivering Friday sermons in these mosques that contain extremist messages – including open expressions of support for terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria, and even attempts to recruit fighters to the Islamic State (ISIS).

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