Israel strider med sig själv på ett mycket elakartat sätt.

Försvarets juridiska imperium på Västbanken är konstant emot Israels judar. Arafat var mer pro-zionistisk när han accepterade Israels kontroll av area C samtidigt som han fick kontroll över 95% av Västbanksaraberna.

The IDF’s judicial empire in Judea and Samaria

Opinion: Israel’s own authorities in Judea and Samaria undermine its claims to the Jewish people’s ancestral lands.
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Moshe Dann, 22/01/17 20:48


Photo by Yahav Trudler/IDF Spokesperson
In response to calls from the international community and anti-Israel organizations to “end the occupation,” referring to the presence of Jews in Area C of Judea and Samaria, aka “the settlers,” supporters of Israel respond: ‘We are not occupying someone else’s land; this land belongs to Israel and the Jewish people by law and by history.’
But the IDF’s judicial system in Area C, also known as “the occupied territories,” which represents the State, composed of the Military Advocate General (MAG), the IDF Prosecutor’s Office (Praklitut Tzvait), and the Civil Administration (Minhal Ezrachi), takes a position in line with Israel’s critics and the international community. As MAG’s website states, Area C, in which all settlements are located, is “subject to belligerent occupation,” which means “the occupation of territory belonging to another country.”

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