“Israeliskt” flyganfall i Gaza från Egypten?.

Två dödade i flyganfall i Gaza

Att det råkade komma från Egypten spelar ju ingen roll för TT: tror du de kommer att korrigera?

 FEBRUARY 9, 2017 08:19
The Hamas Health Ministry said two people were killed in the incident. 

However, a report released hours later by the Institute for National Security Studies said later on that the Egyptian Army was actually at fault for carrying out the attack.

Earlier in the week, on Monday, the IDF struck several Hamas targets following an early morning rocket attack and late afternoon gunfire from Gaza directed at troops.

Palestinian sources in Gaza reported a large strike in central Gaza Strip, saying the Israel Air Force had hit a Hamas target in Shuja’iyya and that renewed artillery fire targeted Hamas outposts in the central Strip. 

Several hours earlier, IDF artillery shelled several Hamas targets in response to earlier gunfire targeting troops working on the Gaza border fence near Kissufim.

According to Palestinian reports,the IDF fired at two Hamas positions east of Deir el-Balah in the central Gaza Strip.

Egypt, Israel or accident? Mystery shrouds Gaza tunnel blast

Explosion that killed 2 comes hours after IS rocket attack on Israel, but also amid an Egyptian crackdown on tunnels. And some wonder if it was just a weapons malfunction

Iron Dome intercepts three rockets from Sinai headed for Eilat

Five people treated for anxiety attacks, but no other injuries or damage caused by projectiles fired from Egypt; incident comes hours after mortar shell strikes Golan Heights

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