Hizbollah inte terrorister?

En stor del av Arabvärlden inklusive EU anser inte de är terrorister.

För åratals sedan publicerade Israel en karta över Hizbollah­­anlägg­ningar i södra Libanon, länk1, länk2, alla förbjudna av FN, men vad bryr sej EU-regeringar om sådana detaljer.  Du inser lätt hur mycket bättre IDFs kartor är nu

Läs noggrant nedanstående artikel och förklara sen varför Lövén&Väggström inte an/inser/ att de är terrorister. 

World shrugs as Hezbollah prepares massive civilian deaths

Lebanon has made Hezbollah, whose rocket launchers are in homes and villages, part of its official army, making it responsible for civilian deaths on both sides should war erupt. Where is the UN?

Noah Beck, 25/03/17 22:38

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah recently warned Israel that his Iran-backed terror group could attack targets producing mass Israeli casualties, including a huge ammonia storage tank in Haifa, and a nuclear reactor in Dimona.
Also last month, Tower Magazine reported that, since the beginning of the Syrian civil war, Iran has provided Hezbollah with a vast supply of “game-changing,” state-of-the art weapons, despite Israel’s occasional airstrikes against weapons convoys.
In a future conflict, Hezbollah has the capacity to fire 1,500 rockets into Israel each day, overwhelming Israel’s missile defense systems. Should such a scenario materialize, Israel will be forced to respond with unprecedented firepower to defend its own civilians.
Hezbollah’s advanced weapons and the systems needed to launch them reportedly are embedded across a staggering 10,000 locations in the heart of more than 200 civilian towns and villages. The Israeli military has openly warned about this Hezbollah war crime and the grave threats it poses to both sides, but that alarm generated almost no attention from the global media, the United Nations, or other international institutions.
Läs vidare. Och förundra dej sedan hur Israel kan anfalla en icke-terroristdeklarerad terroristorganisation utan anledning som är uppenbar i svenska massmedia. 

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