Trump får hjälp från Israels spaning över Syrien.

Tror du inte att USA får mer hjälp av israelisk än rysk underrättelsetjänst – efter att ha läst nedanstående artiklar?

Israeli spy satellite reveals that Russia has deployed missiles on Syrian soil

The images taken by the EROS B satellite reaffirm suspicions by Western intelligence agencies that Russia has deployed its advanced 9K720 Iskander missile system in Syria.

Israeli satellite uncovers launchers for Russian nuclear-capable missiles in Syria

Russian ground to ground missiles discovered by Israel in Syria

Israeli Satellite Reveals Russian SS-26 Missiles in Syria 

Chilling proof Russia has nuclear-capable missiles in Syria: Alarming satellite image obtained by Israeli intelligence shows rockets ready to launch at coastal military base  

  • The image shows rockets on mobile launchers at a military base at Latakia

Israeli satellite confirms Russia providing Syria with advanced missiles

Imagery reveals Iskander stockpiles

Israeli Satellite Imagery Shows Russian Nuclear-Capable Missiles in Syria

January 6, 2017 (Photo Credit: ImageSat International)


 JANUARY 6, 2017 12:58

The pictures seemingly prove what western intelligence agencies have long suspected: Russia has provided Syria with a wide array of the most advanced missiles in its possession.

Weaponry said hidden under camouflage nets

Israeli satellite spots launchers for Russian nuclear-capable missiles in Syria

ImageSat photos show advanced ‘Iskander’ launchers, which can carry missiles up to 500 kms., at Latakia airbase

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