Kongressens vansinniga anti-ryska anti-Trump-förslag.

Förhoppningsvis är ledarnas hemliga samtalskanaler ostörda

Putin svarade Länk.  Länk2  =

Ryssland känner inte för att vara ödmjuk, utvisar  en skock amerikaner nu – vilket Kongressen borde ha förväntat sig, TT skriver  under rubriken Ryssland utvisar 755 diplomater, den artikeln hade just bytt URL så sök efter raden i Googles. En artikel på 
så får du lite mera än via TTelegram

Där har varit långa tider i Faked Media om att Ryssland försökte påverka valets resultat i USA. Säreget att inte Kongressen anmärkte – trots att det påpekades,  hur Obama försökte köpa Israels vänster vid förra valet där –  något svenska nyheter var väldigt tysta om:

Obama State Dept: $350K For Campaign Infrastructure Used Against Netanyahu In Israel Election

Obama admin. sent taxpayer money to campaign to oust Netanyahu


Spengler, en av mina favorit-analytiker skrev just  https://pjmedia.com/spengler/2017/07/28/trumps-america-first-vs-mccains-america-last/

Not the supposed protectionist Donald Trump, but the “free trade” wing of the Republican Party has taken the United States into a trade war that it can only lose. New sanctions against Russia passed by the House and Senate last week force Europe into a de facto alliance with Russia against the United States, and by extension with China as well. It is the dumbest and most self-destructive act of economic self-harm since the United States de-linked the dollar from gold on August 15, 1971, and it will have devastating consequences. The charade in the House and Senate may embarrass Trump, but it also poses a threat to European energy supplies as well as an extraterritorial intrusion into European governance. Berlin, Paris and Rome will conspire with Moscow to circumvent the sanctions while attacking the United States at the World Trade Organization and other international fora.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), and their counterparts in the House of Representatives allowed their dudgeon against a sometimes provocative president to overwhelm their sense of self-preservation. The sanctions will hurt Russia, but not nearly as much as they will hurt the United States over the long term. The White House envisioned sanctions as a bargaining chip, to be used to persuade Moscow to behave in the Ukraine and to limit the ambitions of its Iranian ally of convenience. In their present form, however, the president will have no authority to remove sanctions imposed by Congress. That turns a feint into a threat. Wars have been started over less.
The Democrats along with the McCain Republicans, it will be remembered, accused Trump of undermining the Atlantic Alliance, of isolating the United States, and of handing a diplomatic victory to Russia. Not Trump, but his detractors have given Moscow a degree of leverage over Western Europe to which it has not aspired since the height of the Cold War in 1983, when Soviet premier Yuri Andropov considered a pre-emptive Russian attack in response to Western plans to deploy medium-range missiles in Germany.
Supposedly it was Trump who ignored the exigencies of international relations in favor of domestic political theater. Yet it is the Establishment wing of the Republican Party and its Democratic allies who combined to embarrass the president, without a moment’s consideration of the consequences of their actions. Among Washington’s elite, Trump Derangement Syndrome has nothing to do with ideology. It is about jobs and patronage. This is not hypocrisy. It is chutzpah.”

Spenglers kommentar kommenteras också i Länk2, och andra ställen. Spenglers insyn i Ryssland kan läsas på Länk3.

Träna lite att söka i Google, sök efter spengler congress russia och ställ in Inställningar på rätt tidsinställning: under 
Verktyg: senaste timmen/dygnet/veckan/ – ibland bra att testa flera.

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