Nya bevis: Putin förstör ISIS, Obama hjälper dom.

Har du också undrat varför Obama har hållit på att attackera ISIS i så många år utan att lyckas?

New Evidence Reveals: Putin Is Destroying ISIS While Obama Is Helping ISIS
by  on October 17, 2015 in FeaturedGeneral

By Walid Shoebat
Ever wonder why the U.S. could not defeat ISIS? It was not ISIS’s invincibility, ISIS was defeated by women at the Battle of Kobani. It is because ISIS is needed to stay alive and well per U.S. political plans and now new evidence reveals that the U.S. was making mock attacks that was not targeting ISIS.
The story is told by Russian General Staff Andrey Kartapolov. He explains that photos of an area featuring bomb-destroyed buildings where there were no ISIS fighters. Who is doing these bombings and reporting “mission complete” as it appears is the U.S.
Klicka rubriken för att läsa artikeln.
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